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Helping Parents Develop the Future

Kiddie U is a child care and learning center in southwest Orlando. Kiddie U believes each child is a unique individual and provides developmentally appropriate programs that will focus on the process of learning and helping children to not just learn, but to have a love for learning.

Kiddie U receives BEST OF ORLANDO 2010

At Kiddie U, the physical child care environment and curriculum are completely oriented to children. Choose Kiddie U for your child’s development, not just as a child care facility, but because of the established safe, motivational, nurturing and parent-friendly environment.

Classrooms are arranged to offer challenging play and learning choices that allow children the opportunity to explore, experience and, most importantly…succeed.

At Kiddie U our child care and learning center services are offered to everyone without regard to race, religion, sex, national origin, color, creed, or any other protected status.


At Kiddie U, our goal is to provide the kind of child care and learning center experience you want for your child.

Kiddie U believes each child should be given the opportunity to develop at his or her own pace and development level. Each day children have many activities and play experiences to choose from — all of which are planned with the specific age and interests of your child in mind. All child care and learning activities are planned with the goal of preparing your child for the next level of learning.

Kiddie U believes in positive reinforcement of behaviors, which is an integral part of every child care process. Kiddie U establishes consistent age-appropriate limits to help children function in their worlds.

Parents are the most significant adults in a child's life. Kiddie U strives to create mutual respect between parents and teachers, a partnership for the benefit of the child. Kiddie U encourages daily communication between parent and center staff. Our doors are open to parents at all times.